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Our students have been placed at famous UK universities such as Oxford, University of Exeter, City University, St. Andrews and Kings College amongst others. Our students can be found in the US at University of Philadelphia, Ohio University, Parsons, University of Pennsylvania, Drew University and many more around the world.

    “When I was applying for colleges way back in 1990, I had contacted Mr. Prem Kapur (M/S Prem Kapur and Associates) and they helped me with my applications for Australia, where I did my MBA.  So when the time came for my daughter, Bhavika’s college admissions, they were the obvious choice being around for so many years and having vast experience in admissions.  Moreover there was some kind of a comfort in dealing with Mr. Kapur and his company.

    Throughout the process, starting from selection of course, then selecting various colleges, applications, interviews etc.etc… right up to the point where our daughter got the Offer Letter, everyone at PNK were very hands on and fully involved.

    Today we would like to thank each one of you for all the guidance you gave Bhavika during the admission process. Especially Mrinal who edited and re-edited her portfolio and essays a number of times to bring it up to the standard required by colleges and Vinita for her patience through numerous phone calls and emails methodically answering each query and helping us with all the paperwork!! We couldn’t have managed it without your help and I can’t thank you enough for it!!”

    Mr. Mukul Jolly, Father of Bhavika Jolly (Mr. Jolly joined MBA programme in Australia and Bhavika joined Lasalle)

    ” Aaliya and Alisa have just collected their passports from the Visa office with the Visa’s granted. We cannot thank you enough in all your help to make this possible ….. from your guidance on the colleges & courses, to pushing Alisa to apply for the scholarship, to guiding and stream lining the visa process and documents, to being accessible as and when we needed you. Not to mention our changing our mind, and Mrinal convincing Amer that it was the wrong decision. It is thanks to all your help and efforts that the girls will be pursuing what they were aiming for. It has been an absolutely pleasure working with such a professional set up and I’m sure you are going to make many more kids very happy in years to come. A big thank you from all of us.”

    Aaliya Warsi (Joined University of Warwick) & Alisa Warsi (Joined Nottingham Trent University)

    The service provided by the counselors was fantastic. There were no discrepancies during my application process whatsoever. All updates were provided as soon as possible regarding all things university related. The counselors were extremely kind, and explained everything slowly and meticulously. It was a lovely experience.

    Jai Prasad, Vasant Valley School, Joined University of St. Andrews for BSc Hons Economics and Mathematics

    My Counselors were always helpful. Mrs. Singh helped me and give the right choice by guiding me though the UK admissions.

    Omar Vir Nanda, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari. Joined University of St. Andrews for BSc Hons Economics

    “It was an awesome experience working with Prem N Kapur. The counselors were very helpful, especially in terms of applying for the visa. I would specially like to thank Mrs. Mrinal K. Singh and Ms. Vinita for helping me with my application.” Naadir Singh Dhaliwal, The Doon School, Joined University of St. Andrews for MA (Hons) Psychology

    I would really like to thank everyone from Prem N Kapur Associates for constant support and guidance. You made the process very easy for me. Thanks a lot for your help.

    Palak Goyal, MSc. Information System, University of Surrey

    I would like to thank everyone at Prem N Kapur Associates for all the handwork that you put in order to ensure that I get my visa in a timely manner. I really appreciate the co-operative and accessible nature of the people in the firm.

    Ananya Khemka, Masters in Management, London Business School

    I went to Prem N Kapur Associates on 1st August 2015 with an impossible request i.e. to get me admission to a top notch design school for the Fall 2015 Semester! I did not even have a portfolio. With the excellent guidance, I was able to come up with a portfolio within 5 days; and a week thereafter I had offer letters from 2 top rated designs schools in UK. Next came the IELTS, then the CAS and finally the visa application nightmare.

    Exactly after 1 month my visa application was filed and I was all set to go. I want to thank you and your team for making the impossible possible. The expert counseling and patient guidance and hold-holding throughout the journey were priceless.

    Pia Misra, Arts and Design Foundation Study, Arts University Bournemouth

    I was really happy with my experience at Prem N Kapur Associates because it saved me a lot of the stress of following up if forms etc had been received by the college and the general correspondence with them. This gave me enough time to make my portfolio which I think is of maximum importance when you want admission to an art school. Maximum help I think was in terms of the entire student pass procedure as that gets complicated, and because of Prem N Kapur Associates that was no hassle.
    Sadhvi Vaish, BA, Communications Design, Lasalle – College of the Arts, Singapore

    I am Robin Korriottu, I got an opportunity to continue my engineering course in the University of the West of England located in Bristol, United Kingdom. Therefore I came across Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt Ltd. I had no idea how to proceed with my application for the abroad university. But with the efficient guidance of the officials of Prem N Kapur Associates I could successfully apply for my admission in the university and easily got my UK visa. I am very grateful to Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt Ltd for their great service they provided which made my dream of coming to UK and continuing my studies in a world class university possible. Once again I express my gratitude to them.
    Robin Karriottu Rajan, BSc(Hons) Computer Security, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

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