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Why Study Abroad?

1) Small classes individualised attention : Studying abroad unlike in the Indian system of education offers a chance to students to gain independence and plan their independent course of study and research. Each student makes and follows his/her own study plan and as a result grasps much more than they would normally. Studying in a foreign university is not only limited to books and notes, it opens the student to a whole new world of research right from book and journal based research to film and internet study. The teachers and professors abroad treat students as mature adults and they view students as their contemporaries. This encourages students to develop their own reasoning and thought process, while not only learning but also debating and critiquing subjects and the works of others.
Mr Prem Kapur has always said “I send boys and girls to study abroad who return as men & women.

2) Earn whilst you learn : Most countries allow students to work 20 hours a week during semesters and work FULL TIME during holidays - approx. 20 weeks a year !! You get extra payment for working late at night or at weekends. So you can earn substantial sums ( If you want to reassure yourself, we can give you student’s / their parent's addresses).
In contrast to the Indian system where people start earning once they complete their course of studies, the foreign system encourages students to work while they earn. This enables students to multi-task and teaches them how to balance the priorities of an adult life. Working while studying is very beneficial as it equips each student with the highly sought after “foreign exposure”. This foreign exposure is the key aspect that all companies the world over and especially in India are looking for while hiring employees to join the ever growing workforce.

3) Employment Potential : increases tremendously after a course abroad. Employers know the value of foreign education. You widen your horizons meeting students from so many countries and establish useful business contacts internationally. Doing part time work there matures you and is appreciated greatly by employers. Mrs. Mrinal K. Singh, our company’s Executive Director has also studied at a foreign university and can vouch for the added advantages of an international qualification. It is a known fact that students with a previous employment background have a higher potential of being employed than students who are fresher’s to the work scenario. Working part-time not only helps in gaining experience but also teaches the students a form of professional work ethic that is only seen at the international level. It gives students the opportunity to work and interact with individuals from different parts of the globe and makes them “global citizens”.

4) Stay After Studies : USA and CANADA allow you to stay on after completing your education. In the recent past Australia has also opened its doors to international students and offers them a chance to work post completion of their degree. The UK allows you a brief period to find a suitable job as well. Many countries promote post study work and encourage international students to join the country’s workforce, thus contributing to the growth of the country’s economy.

5) Academic Sessions : A few universities are now offering flexi semesters and admit students through the year. You can plan your period of study to suite your convenience – September or January or even May/June. It is always advisable to apply for the main intake period ie, August/September, as all the courses are running for this intake and there is a wide range of study options to choose from but other intakes are possible at many universities. Going to UK and the US during fall has advantages as most students will get to work and earn extra during the Winter break when the universities close for a month. It opens up new and wonderful experiences for students and they are exposed to a variety of traditions and cultures that are often not witnessed in India. Students can earn a huge amount through the jobs and openings that are available during the festive season in December/January.

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