For Personalized Counselling and Interviews with Foreign Delegates visit us on these dates: Nottingham Trent University (NTU) - 22nd September 2015, Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm   Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, Personalized & Free Counseling, Application guidance, Visa assistance and processing for UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand.

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    For Personalized Counselling and Interviews with Foreign Delegates visit us on these dates:

    • ntu_universityNottingham Trent University (NTU) - 22nd September 2015, Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

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    I was really happy with my experience at Prem N Kapur Associates because it saved me a lot of the stress of following up if forms etc had been received by the college and the general correspondence with them. This gave me enough time to make my portfolio which I think is of maximum importance when you want admission to an art school. Maximum help I think was in terms of the entire student pass procedure as that gets complicated, and because of Prem N Kapur Associates that was no hassle.
    Sadhvi Vaish, BA, Communications Design, Lasalle – College of the Arts, Singapore


    I am Robin Korriottu, I got an opportunity to continue my engineering course in the University of the West of England located in Bristol, United Kingdom. Therefore I came across Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt Ltd. I had no idea how to proceed with my application for the abroad university. But with the efficient guidance of the officials of Prem N Kapur Associates I could successfully apply for my admission in the university and easily got my UK visa. I am very grateful to Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt Ltd for their great service they provided which made my dream of coming to UK and continuing my studies in a world class university possible. Once again I express my gratitude to them.
    Robin Karriottu Rajan, BSc(Hons) Computer Security, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK


    The Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt Ltd. has helped me in big time. They made all the communication with my University in the UK. My case was a dual degree programme and had many complications and then helped me sort out almost every problem I had regarding my Visa. They helped me with organizing the documents for visa which is the critical part. They helped me get through that as well. I would give them a five star rating for their quality support and assistance. I was very happy for choosing such quality education consultants.
    Prempaul, Prempaul BEng(Hons), Electronics Engineering University of the West of England, Bristol, UK BEng(Hons), Electronics Engineering, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK


    Hi. I am Mridula currently doing my M.S in University of West of England, UK. This agency was recommended to me by a friend and to be sure I shall be highly recommending it further to all. All I experienced was an excellent service overall !!! They helped me choose my University based on my choice of course and assisted me in getting my student visa. They took a lot of the stress away from me and made sure that I would get the visa. I could see how organized and thorough the paperwork was.

    In addition, let me add that unlike other agencies which are too busy to respond, I found everyone in Prem kapoor associates was very nice and helpful from the word go. They had been very patient with me while I got all of the relevant documents together. And most importantly the work done is very trustworthy and transparent that we could rely on them without a doubt.

    Thanks a lot again. I really appreciate the great service.
    Mridula, MS, University of West of England, UK

    Manas Agarwal

    “It is truly an awesome experience…” “I chose Edinburgh Napier firstly because the course I enrolled in had a curriculum with the subjects that interested me the most. Moreover, the facilitates the University has to offer, like the new fivestorey library, computer centres and labs at Sighthill Campus were efinitely an attraction.

    The easy access and availability of information, research facilities and teaching has efinitely helped me expand my knowledge base. The classes and labs are so interesting and the faculty is kind and welcoming. All this while living in one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world. Being Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh is known to be a student friendly city, especially for international students like me. It is truly an awesome experience!

    Studying at Edinburgh Napier has helped me realise my future aims and shape out a career path I wish to follow. The University’s courses are well designed and future orientated and what makes each class so interesting is the fact that every bit of information provided is critically important for the future. The assignments are also well planned and provide the perfect base for me to build on and grow as a future researcher. As well as intellectual accomplishments, I have had the opportunity to learn about different cultures, since there is a good mix of international students here, and a great deal about Scottish culture and traditions.

    I would definitely recommend Edinburgh Napier to anyone who wishes to have a good overall postgraduate experience, with balanced academic and extracurricular offerings, while at the same time, enjoying the pleasure of living in a beautiful country like Scotland.”
    Manas Agarwal, MSc Biomedical Science, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

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    Prem N. Kapur Associates is a one stop shop giving information and advice to students aspiring to study abroad. Established in 1981 by Prem Kapur, the portfolio includes over 100 Universities and Colleges over the world, many of which come to India for On-Spot admissions. Go ahead, browse and register yourself to get personalised advice and attention READ MORE


    For over 34 years, Prem N. Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. have been helping students join universities like Harvard, Wharton, Brown, Parsons, RISD, Cambridge, LSE, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Manchester, Edinburgh Napier, Warwick, Arts University Bournemouth, Falmouth, Lasalle, NUS, NTU amongst many others for courses in Business, Engineering, Computing, Medicine, Art & Design, Architecture, Hospitality, etc.READ MORE

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Studying abroad unlike in the Indian system of education offers a chance to students to gain confidence and plan their independent course of study and research. Each student makes and follows his/her own study plan and as a result grasps much more than they would normally. Studying in a foreign university is not only limited to books and notes, it opens the student to a whole new world of research right from book and journal based research to film and internet study. The teachers and professors abroad treat students as mature adults and they view students as their contemporaries. This encourages students to develop their own reasoning and thought process, while not only learning but also debating and critiquing subjects and the works of others. Mr Prem Kapur has always said "I send boys and girls to study abroad who return as men & women.

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